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本文摘要:Technology leaders such as Elon Musk of Tesla Motors and venture capitalist Peter Thiel have warned that rogue AI, or artificial intelligence, could one day threaten the human race.科技行业领袖,如特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)的埃隆氠斯克(Elon Musk)和风险投资家彼得泰尔(P


Technology leaders such as Elon Musk of Tesla Motors and venture capitalist Peter Thiel have warned that rogue AI, or artificial intelligence, could one day threaten the human race.科技行业领袖,如特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)的埃隆氠斯克(Elon Musk)和风险投资家彼得泰尔(Peter Thiel),都曾警告称之为,失控的人工智能(AI)有一天有可能威胁人类。But Mark Zuckerberg has set himself the challenge this year of building his own personal AI assistant, describing fears of a super-intelligence running amok as “far-fetched”.但是,马克丠克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)今年原作的个人挑战才是是建构自己的AI个人助理,他回应,对超级智能失控的不安是“缺少依据的”。In a post on his company’s website on Sunday, the Facebook founder said he had decided to build a smart machine to control functions in his house and help him work, akin to a disembodied butler. He compared it with Jarvis, an intelligent computer in the Iron Man films.这位Facebook创始人周日在Facbook上发帖称之为,他已要求建一台智能机器来掌控自家住宅的各项功能,并且协助他工作,类似于一个无形的管家。


他将其与《钢铁侠》(Iron Man)电影中的智能电脑贾维斯(Jarvis)相提并论。Mr Zuckerberg regularly sets himself personal challenges at the start of the year. Past ones have included meeting a new person every day, reading two books a month and learning Mandarin.扎克伯格每年初都为自己原作个人挑战。

往年的挑战还包括每天结识一个新人,每个月读书两本书,以及自学中文普通话。But this year’s resolution is the first to involve a software coding test with such a direct bearing on Facebook’s future. The company already has two teams working on artificial intelligence — one that focuses on pure research and another that looks at ways to apply AI to the social network.但是,他今年的新年决意首次牵涉到一场软件编码测试,必要关系到Facebook的未来。该公司有数两个团队研究人工智能:一个专心于纯理论研究,另一个研究如何将AI应用于社交网络。The challenge also highlights the AI race that has broken out among the leading internet companies as they try to invent new ways for people to interact with machines. Facebook has set up three artificial intelligence labs, in Silicon Valley, New York and Paris, and its high-profile hires in the field include Yann LeCun, a New York University professor who was one of the pioneers in deep learning — a form of AI that tries to mimic the functioning of layers of neurons in the human brain.这项挑战也凸显,领先的互联网公司之间早已进行一场AI竞赛,企图发明人与机器对话的新方式。

Facebook早已在硅谷、纽约和巴黎创建了三个人工智能实验室,其在该领域挖来的著名人才还包括纽约大学(New York University)教授、深度自学的先驱之一扬勒坎(Yann LeCun);深度自学是人工智能的一种形式,企图仿效人类大脑神经元层的功能。Mr Zuckerberg said his work at Facebook often involved getting into deep technical issues with the company’s engineers, and that building his own intelligent machine would bring a different perspective to that work.扎克伯格回应,他在Facebook的工作往往牵涉到与公司的工程技术人员深入探讨技术问题,建构自己的智能机器将为这方面的工作带给一个有所不同的视角。He described his personal project as “a simple AI”, taking an off-the-shelf system and teaching it to recognise his voice to “control everything in our home — music, lights, temperature and so on”.他把自己的个人项目称作“一个非常简单的AI”,牵涉到使用一台现成系统,然后教会它听不懂他的语音,以便“掌控我们家中的一切——音乐、灯光、温度等等”。


He also said he was interested in using voice and face recognition so the machine could identify who was in a room, for instance adjusting the temperature to reflect the fact that he prefers colder rooms compared with his wife. Mr Zuckerberg added that he intended to teach the system to turn data into visual representations that he could see with a virtual reality headset.他还回应,他有兴趣用于语音和脸部辨识,使机器需要辨识是谁在房间里,然后据此充分发挥功能,例如调节室内温度,考虑到他与太太比起喜好较低室温的事实。扎克伯格补足说道,他想教会该系统把数据转化成为可用形式,让他需要用一台虚拟现实头盔观赏。Hermann Hauser, a Cambridge-based computer scientist and entrepreneur, said that recent advances in machine learning algorithms, computing power and availability of huge amounts of data, have combined to allow computer engineers to create AI systems.剑桥计算机科学家和企业家赫尔曼樠泽(Hermann Hauser)回应,机器学习算法、电脑运算能力和海量数据可用性方面的最新进展结合,让电脑工程师能创立各种AI系统。

“[Mr Zuckerberg’s] is a perfectly realistic aim,” he said. But Dr Hauser was concerned that only Silicon Valley’s largest companies could access the level of information necessary to create functioning AI.“(扎克伯格的目标)是一个几乎可实现的目标,”他说道。但豪泽博士忧虑,只有硅谷大牌企业才能提供创立简单AI所需的那种水平的信息。





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